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Why are Swag Bucks better than earning cash back?

Swagbucks Support
posted this on November 19, 2012, 9:26 PM

At first glance, it may seem like there is nothing better than cash back! Many websites on the web offer cash back, however, you will notice the following with Swag Bucks:

 1.    First and foremost, there are no “minimum requirements” to meet. You are guaranteed to receive everything earned. Cash back sites require you to earn a minimum amount, until then, you cannot actually receive the cash back you earn.

 2.    The moment you receive your Swag Bucks you are free to redeem them for any gift card or swag you like.  Cash back sites impose 'pay cycles' where you could be waiting for months before receiving your cash back.  There is zero wait with Swag Bucks.

 3.    You don't have to spend to earn. You can be earning Swag Bucks doing tons of other things, shopping is just one of them.  You won't find this to be the case with cash back sites.

 We hope you can see now that there can be something better than earning cash back. What better way to make your time online more rewarding! 

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