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Facebook Guidelines/ House Rules

Welcome to the Swagbucks Facebook page! Relax and stay awhile. We want this to be a friendly, fun and informative place for Swaggernauts to hang out. With that in mind, we ask that you respect the following guidelines - breaking our "house rules" may result in the post being removed, you being immediately reported & banned from our Facebook page and possibly having your SB account suspended: 

  • Any use of profanity or profane language
  • Bullying or abusive behavior
  • Posting referral links to Swagbucks and/or other sites on the Wall
  • Posting inappropriate video and or photographic content
  • Posting links to cheat sites
  • Promoting other websites with comparable services
  • Posting any confidential correspondence regarding site compliance
  • Posting any confidential information received from Swagbucks Customer Support 
  • Posting Survey Numbers or Survey Content: More information click here:



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