Firefox SwagButton

Similar to our Chrome SwagButton, the extension makes your Swagbucks experience feel more seamless and intuitive.  You will immediately see these improvements:

  • Get Alerts when shopping online at a store that also offers SBs in return – never miss out on Shop & Earn SBs again! With the extension, many of the stores you already shop at will automatically notify you that you can be earning Swagbucks just by clicking “Activate Shop and Earn” and completing your purchase.
  • Watch and earn on SBTV right from the SwagButton. The SBTV player can pop-out, so you can always find time to watch and earn during your spare moments online– without even going to Swagbucks.
  • Special Offers easily available.  Whether you want to complete a Special Offer like get better car insurance, or enter a tournament you’ve been waiting for, finding it on the Firefox SwagButton will save you that precious time.
  • Search: the Firefox SwagButton will let you to set Swagbucks as your default search engine, so you’re always being rewarded.
  • Swag Code Alerts! Receive an alert every time a Swag Code is available so you never miss out no matter where you are on the web.

– So that is the  good news – the bad news is that the installation process is a bit abrupt and out of our control so let’s walk through it:

If you currently have a previous version of the Swagbucks Extension for Firefox you will be notified to uninstall it when you see this alert:

Then you will encounter the following mess of messages:

Just keep following the prompts until your new Swagbucks SwagButton Extension for Firefox is installed.  The process is ugly and slightly time consuming but we promise you will be reaping the benefits of the new SwagButton almost immediately. Here is what it looks like when you click on the SB logo and choose the check mark for your Answer options: