What’s different in the new SwagButton?

  • We’ve added a fresh coat of color and creativity to enhance the SwagButton experience.

  • A welcome tutorial will show you around the new experience and give you insight into all the SB earning activities you can do in the SwagButton.

  • Smarter search:  We’ve enhanced your experience when searching the web, offering search suggestions as you type.  For Firefox users, you can also set your default Search engine to Swagbucks with the tap of a button from the Settings page.

  • Settings:  A new section in the SwagButton will allow you to customize your settings.

    • Account Balance Alerts: Turn account balance alerts on and you’ll be notified right away when you earn more SB.

    • Survey Alerts:  Earn more SB by sharing your opinions on exclusive surveys. You’ll be in the know when a new survey is available.  

    • Default Search (Firefox only):  Search and earn more SB. With the click of a button, you can set Swagbucks as your default search engine in your browser.

    • Default Homepage (Firefox only):  Make Swagbucks.com the home destination when browsing the web and never miss another SB opportunity.