New Year, New Goals

An Important Notice About The Daily Goal

The Daily Goal is one of the most popular features on Swagbucks. In any given month, hundreds of thousands of our members participate and earn bonus SB from the Daily Goal program.

We are writing today to let you know that over the course of the coming year, we’re going to introduce changes to the Daily Goal program. 

What’s Changing?

  1. The first change we’re introducing is how the Daily Goal Monthly Bonus is awarded. 
  2. Starting January, we will alert you when the Monthly Bonus is available for you to claim.

Why is the Daily Goal Award Process Changing?

  1. One of the most common questions submitted to Customer Support is: Did I receive my Monthly Bonus and, if so, how much was it? Having users claim their Monthly Bonus will clearly show users when their bonus was awarded and how much it was.  We believe this will help improve our members’ engagement in the Daily Goal Program. Allowing us to make more changes in the future to benefit the engaged users.
  2. We hope that having users claim their bonus will foster deeper engagement with the Daily Goal.

Ok, How Does the New Daily Goal Award Process Impact Me?

  1. On (or about) January 5, we will alert you that your December Monthly Bonus is available. 
  2. We will clearly communicate how to claim your Monthly Bonus via Email, Inbox Messages, Mobile Notification and a prominent message within the Daily Goal meterGoalMeter
  3. The alert will direct you to a page where, with the simple click of a button “Claim Bonus”, you can verify and claim your SB bonus and have it applied to your account.81dff063-97b9-40dc-8fa2-0b00686ec8da
  4. You will have 10 days from the day we first alert you to claim your monthly SB bonus, after which the bonus is forfeited
  5. For more information, please visit the Help Center Daily Goals FAQs

We will provide ample notice to the Swagbucks community about any further changes to the Daily Goal program in 2016.

We wish you a happy holiday and healthy new year.

-Team Swagbucks


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