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I receive an error message every time the app tries to process my receipt. What’s wrong?

There are a few different reasons why we’re unable to accept your receipt:


    1. Incomplete Information: Your receipt must contain the store name, list of products purchased, transaction total and the date of purchase.  Be sure to capture the entire contents of your receipt. For longer receipts, you can take multiple photos. Just hit the + sign to take multiple receipts.
    2. Illegible: Your receipt is too blurry/unreadable in order to correctly identify the contents of the receipt.
    3. Receipt too old: Receipts which have a transaction date older than 10 days will not be accepted.
    4. Duplicate Receipts: If we’ve already seen this receipt, it will be rejected by the app. You can only submit your receipt once.  Furthermore, if you attempt to upload a receipt that was uploaded by another Swagbucks user, the receipt will not be accepted.
    5. Not Eligible Store:  We accept receipts from a wide range of stores. We accept receipts from a wide range of stores. For a complete list of eligible retailers, see here.



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