How does the SwagButton Referral Program Work?


How do I qualify for 100 SB bonus for referring someone to the SwagButton Referral?

To qualify for the 100 SB bonus, Referring Members must use their custom Extension Referral Link to promote the SwagButton. Referred Users must add the SwagButton on a laptop or desktop version of the page, via Members’ customized Extension Referral Link. In addition, Referred Users must keep the SwagButton active for an initial period of usage. Our systems will evaluate usage to determine if Referred SwagButton Users’ activity is consistent with ordinary patterns. (In other words, normal and expected usage of the Swagbutton will qualify Referring Members for the 100 SB bonus).


Where can I get my custom Extension Referral Link?

It’s available on the Swagbucks Referral Page.


How long will it take for my 100 SB bonus to credit?

Between 9 - 30 days. Our systems evaluate activity from Referred Users over a period of 30 days to determine it's consistent with normal activity. 


Can I Refer An Existing Member to Add the SwagButton?

No. The 100 SB bonus will not credit in connection with Existing Members that add the SwagButton from your custom Extension Referral Link.


If a user registers with Swagbucks after adding the SwagButton from my custom Extension Referral Link, will that Member count as one of my referrals? 

Yes they will!


Will I get the 100 SB bonus if a Referred User adds the SwagButton from the mobile web?

No. Since Browser Extensions are features of full desktop/laptop browsers, Referring Members must direct Referred Users to a desktop/laptop version of the SwagButton Referral Page.







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