Member Recognition Program General Overview

At Swagbucks, we love our loyal Swaggernauts and so we’ve come up with a new way to reward members for their Swagbucks activities. We’re instituting a Member Recognition Program that will provide additional rewards and benefits for each Swagbucks-earning threshold you achieve.


Once you enroll, your level is determined by Lifetime Swagbucks earned and each level comes with its unique set of limited time and (as you reach the higher levels) ongoing benefits. The more lifetime Swagbucks you earn, the higher your level and the more rewards and benefits will be available to you!




Rewards and benefits start at Level 1 and will vary depending on what level you have achieved. Check your Member Recognition Page to see details on all of your benefits.


Member Recognition Program Swag Ups:

Each level comes with a unique set of Swag Ups. The bonus amount tied to the Swag Up along with the expiration date of the Swag Up depends on the level you’re in. Please check your Member Recognition Page to find all the details of your Swag Ups.


Sustained Benefits:

For members in levels 7 and higher, you have access to sustained benefits, which are ongoing. In order to sustain and continue receiving this benefit, you must earn a certain number of SB within 6 months of reaching the level. The details of your sustained/ongoing benefits will be found on your Member Recognition Page.


How to Enroll in the Member Recognition Program:

We are slowly releasing the Member Recognition Program to members throughout the coming weeks and months. Once the program is available to you simply head over to the Member Recognition Page and click enroll! You can access the Member Recognition Page from the Account dropdown menu.