How to submit a ticket to Customer Service

When submitting a ticket to our Customer Service team, please be sure you choose the correct topic. The topic is how your ticket navigates through our system to be assigned to the appropriate team and agent. 

Each topic is clearly listed to correspond with the different activities you can participate in on 

Gift Cards: Delivery Times, Order Status, Trouble using Gift Card

Surveys: General Questions about Surveys, Errors, and DQ's

Promotions: Team Challenges, Swago, Buy SB, Daily Goal, To-Do List, Swag Up, Member Recognition, etc. 

Shopping: General Questions about Shopping, Coupons, Shopping Bonus

Videos: General Questions about Videos

Offers: General Questions about Offers (Terms, Delays, Errors)

In-Store Promos & Deals: Receipt uploads, terms, errors

Terms of Use & Deactivation: Deactivated Account, Text Verification, Login-Issues or Account Questions

Privacy: GDPR or Privacy Concerns

It is very important you choose the correct topic in order to receive the fastest resolution. If you do end up in the wrong topic you will receive a message letting you know to re-submit the form. To clarify, if you receive this message it means your ticket will not go through to our team. 


A few things to keep in mind as you submit tickets to our Customer Service team. 

1. If you are submitting a ticket for an offer, please be sure you have waited the full time for the credit to apply to your account. If you submit the ticket before the time has passed our team will be unable to investigate. As a reminder, you have 14 business days to submit a ticket after that time has passed.

2. If you completed an activity and it is not pending, please be sure to wait the full time before submitting a ticket. Once the time has passed, our team will be happy to fully investigate and help with a resolution.

3. Please choose the correct form, this is how our agents receive your tickets. For example, if you choose Promotions for an Offer, Survey, or Shop related inquiry, it will take longer to resolve due to being directed to another team. Be sure to submit accurate information such as Offer/Store Name, Date of Completion, Credit Amount, etc. This helps our agents track down the activity and speed up the investigation.

4. No need to submit a second or third ticket! If you haven't heard back from us, simply follow up on the same ticket. An agent will see the update and get back to you as soon as they can!

5. There is no guarantee that Customer Service will be able to credit you for the activity. Please know that we rely on the tracking of the activity and if it is not confirmed you may not receive credit. All credit from Customer Service is deemed a courtesy credit, this means we were not paid on the activity and have decided in good faith to credit your account.