I don't see an activity on my ledger


So you’ve looked on your activity ledger for a particular activity, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for. Is that correct? 


Yes - that’s frustrating but before you give up, did you try:


Don’t worry, we understand that creating a support ticket from your ledger is impossible if there is no record of it to begin with.


Before we offer an alternative method to submitting a ticket, please familiarize yourself with some common reasons why the activity is not on your ledger:


  1. You left Swagbucks to complete a purchase/offer, but perhaps you were on a VPN, using a competitor's coupon/offer/link, or your session somehow expired.
  2. Some activities ( ex: Swago, team challenge, etc) consist of a series of actions, of which not all are accounted for on your ledger just yet.
  3. You were perhaps dreaming and/or living in an alternate universe where your activity was in fact not reality and thus not able to appear on your activity ledger.

Okay, now that you’ve exhausted your search on the activity ledger, you can use this form to create a support ticket for your missing activity. Please note that you must select the appropriate fields and provide all required information for us to help you.



NOTE: Creating tickets directly from your activity ledger is the fastest way to receive help. Using this ticket form will require additional time as agents need to manually review all your information. Please allow up to 30 days.