Today's Top 10

Answers must be submitted by 1 PM  (PT) daily

[After 1pm PT, no submissions will be accepted and the "Top 10" link will be redirected to this page until the next day's set of questions are live]



Today's Top 10 is an easy and fun way to start each day while earning some SB.


Everyday this week (5/23 - 5/27), you will be presented with 10 questions that will test your instincts around what’s going to happen today. Questions include guessing results to real events, Swagbucks trends, and sometimes your ability to simply predict what other Members will choose as the most popular answer!


You must lock in your picks before 1pm Pacific Time to participate for that day.  Then our SB robots will crunch your results overnight and present you with a score based on how well you did versus everyone else. Those that rise to the top will be awarded the most SB and those that are below the curve will earn less SB. 


Make sure after you receive your winnings in the morning that you remember to play again for another fresh set of “Today’s Top 10” questions.


Daily Payouts (based on a “curve system” of how well you did compared to your peers):


Top 10%: 15 SB

Top 30%: 12 SB

Top 50%: 10 SB

Bottom 50%: 7 SB


NOTE: You must answer all the questions and include your Swagbucks registered email to be eligible to win.