I completed an offer and have not received credit, what can I do?


We ask that you provide the following details in your response to us.

1. Where you were presented with the offer: (inbox, offer wall, homepage, etc.)

2. Offer Company: (TrialPay, Paymentwall, etc.)

3. Offer Name: 

4. Amount of SB due:

5, Please send the confirmation email you received when the offer was completed.*

By providing this information upfront in your ticket to us, we will be able to offer you a faster resolution. If you are unsure of which company placed the offer, please let us know. 

As a reminder, you can only complete an offer for credit once unless stated otherwise on the offer. For example, if you sign up for Netflix and cancel your account, you could not come back and sign up again for SB. 

 We reserve the right to request receipts of completed offers prior to or after the awarding of SB in order to verify with the applicable provider that such completions are valid.


*Please note, there are times additional documentation may be requested on higher paying offers. We are unable to accept a copy/paste of the confirmation. 

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