How many times can I submit for a Magic Receipt offer?


We're happy to share helpful information about Any In-store Receipts and Any e-receipts.


1) When you visit the Magic Receipts page of your account, you will see the following options for Any In-store Receipt and Any e-receipt. The two receipt options below have a limit of 10 submissions per week for Any in-store Receipt or Any e-receipt.



2) Premium receipt deals are indicated with a star in the upper right corner. The max submissions per week for Premium receipt deals can be found by clicking on the offer and reading the "Conditions" of the offer. 




3) Non-premium offers (no star in the upper right corner) can be submitted once per member per week while supplies last. However, there is a limit of 10 submissions in any combination for these offers before they "disappear" to return the following week.



4) Be sure to check the label of a receipt (as shown below) to see whether the product is available for in-store & online or in-store-only purchases.