How Does Swago Work?

Swago is a fun way to earn SB!  It’s very much like a bingo board...see where we’re going with this?

Here is how you participate in Swago and earn SB:

  • You’ll notice each square has an activity.  Once you complete that activity, that square will be marked off or what we call “highlighted”.  
  • When you are completing an activity and you spot the little “i” symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the square, click on it to make sure you’ve met all the requirements of that square. 



  • The number of SB you can earn based on a pattern is located on the right of the Swago board.  See image for reference below:


But you must REMEMBER!! You can only submit your board if you are absolutely sure you’ve achieved the pattern that you want because you can only submit your board ONCE, so be sure to make it count! 

And! You must submit your board before the stroke of midnight!  Not only will Cinderella’s coach change back to a pumpkin, but it will also be too late for you to submit your board for SB.