I Shopped With My Linked Card, But Don't See My Credit Yet?

Some Helpful Tips:

1) After you make a purchase you should receive an email within a few hours saying that your SB is processing. Even though it's "processing", you WILL NOT SEE IT AS PENDING ON THE LEDGER.

2) If you don't receive an email within a few hours after purchase, make sure to check your junk folders and confirm you have the right email on file with us. 

3) It takes 2 to 3 days after purchase for your SB to show up in your account. If you received the processing email ( see #1 above), then you are on track to earn SB in a couple of days. There is no reason to worry about or submit a ticket.

4) Make sure to add the store offer to your card before shopping and remember to re-add it before each time you shop there.  You can link your cards here