How Do I Make Sure My Surveys Do Not Get Disabled?

Taking surveys is a great way to earn money, but this privilege can be taken away for various reasons. Certain behaviors can cause your account to be flagged and excessive flags will ultimately force your account to become disabled. To avoid these situations please review the following reasons why you could be marked for invalid survey responses. 


Incorrect Age & Mismatch of Date of Birth
Swagbucks welcomes all members ages 13 and older to participate in surveys. It is important that you enter your real date of birth to match your real age.  Your personal information is securely stored and we use this information to properly match you with the most relevant surveys available. If you fail to match your real age and Date of Birth, you will lose the privilege of taking surveys.

Poor Open-Ended Responses
When you come across questions that you need to fill in be sure you do not use gibberish, foul language, or a response that doesn’t relate to the questions being asked.  It is crucial that you provide valid feedback or you will be flagged for an invalid.

If you answer survey questions too quickly it will not only cause you to be disqualified from that particular survey but your responses will also be flagged as invalid.  Make sure you read each question thoroughly and each corresponding option.

Red Herring/Trick Questions
These are questions that will ask you to pick a specific answer regardless of the question, for example.  At any point during the survey, you may come across a trick question.  Answering a Red Herring question incorrectly will result in a disqualification for that survey and a flag on your account for an invalid.

Contradictory Information
Providing contradictory information will cause your account to be flagged for invalid.  An example of this would be registering as a female but selecting male when you take the survey.

Not Showing Up
If you agree to participate in a future focus group, recruitment, etc., and fail to show up you will be flagged as an invalid.

Please know, there are many reasons you can be screened out of a survey that is beyond your control. For example, the survey reached its quota, you do not meet the targeting criteria, or you do not have the proper experience the survey is looking for.  There are also reasons that are within your control, like speeding through, that will also cause you to be DQ’d from a survey.  Keep these in mind next time you are going through a survey.

Remember, if you accumulate too many invalids, your survey account will be disabled/deactivated.