How do I access my Visa Gift Card?


How do I Access My Virtual Card?

Your Virtual Visa Card will be delivered to you via email. You will first get an email from Swagbucks notifying you that the card is ready. Then you will immediately get another email from our partner called "PREPAID DIGITAL SOLUTIONS". You will need to click on the link from Prepaid Digital Solutions email to access your card.


What if I don't see the email from Prepaid Digital Solutions?

If you don't see it in your inbox, please first check your spam and junk folders/filters. Depending on your email provider, the email may have landed in one of these folders that you don't regularly check. If you still don't see your email, please contact Swagbucks Customer Support to have your VISA GIFT CARD email re-sent.


When I Visit Prepaid Digital Solutions, it says my balance is zero.  Why?

If you have previously received and used a Visa Gift Card, you are likely viewing the balance of a previously used one with zero balance. You can always tell which card is currently based on the token number provided. Please make sure that you are clicking on the most current email and when you log in, the proper token number is displayed.


This is my first Visa Gift Card, Do I need to create an Account?

Yes, you need to create a new account as your Swagbucks account is not directly linked to Prepaid Digital Solutions. It's helpful to use the same email as you use with Swagbucks, but not required. Once you are logged in, you must insert your pin provided to generate your Visa Gift Card Number. The pin expires after 3 months.


I forgot my password to the Prepaid Digital Solutions. Can you help?

Yes, even though they are a separate company, we can reset your password for you. Click here to request your Prepaid Digital Solutions login to reset.


I forgot my challenge question and/or Username to the Prepaid Digital Solutions. Can you help?

Unfortunately, NO.  We do not have the capability to change your username and/or reset your security challenge question. You will need to contact Prepaid Digital Solutions directly.  You can reach them by clicking "Contact Us" on the top right corner of their website.


I think my Visa Card is Expired. Can that happen?

Yes, Once the unique Visa code has been provided, there is a 6-month timeline for use before they expire.