Connect your PayPal Account to Redeem for Cash


Choosing PayPal is a great choice for redeeming SB for Rewards; however, the first time can cause some confusion.  This will help guide you on how to make sure your PayPal account is setup correctly to receive funds from Swagbucks. There are 3 things you must do ( 1st time only):


#1  Connect Your PayPal Account 

When you select PayPal as your redemption choice, you will see a prompt to make sure the funds are going to the correct PayPal account. You will need to press the blue button that says "Connect with Paypal". This will start the process of connecting your account to receive funds from Swagbucks.



#2  Sign-in to PayPal

You will be taken to a new page on the PayPal website. This is a secure page and managed by PayPal directly. You will need to login with your PAYPAL Email & Password. 

NOTE: You are logging in with you PayPal email, which may be different than your Swagbucks registered email. It is very common that members use different emails for each site.

Make sure you are logging into the PayPal Account that you want the funds to be deposited into. 



#3 Complete Your Redemption and Wait for Deposit

After you successfully login/connect your account from step 2 above, you will be taken back to Swagbucks to complete your redemption. After you have confirmed your redemption, the PayPal funds will be deposited in your account (usually within a couple days. You will get an email from both Swagbucks and PayPal to alert you when the deposit is complete




Having Issues Connecting Your Account?

  • Can't login to PayPal?
    • Make sure you entering your Paypal email/password and not your Swagbucks login. If you forgot your login info, can press the "Having trouble logging in" button on that screen.
  • Want to add another Email to your PayPal Account?
    • You can add multiple emails to be associated with your PayPal account. You will need to add them directly on the PayPal Website. You can find instructions on your settings page