How do I earn SB with my E-Receipts (Online Shopping Receipts)?



1) How do I earn SB with my E-Receipts?

You can now earn SB by forwarding us the email receipts you receive when making online purchases at eligible merchants (SEE #2). Your Receipt cannot be older than 10 Days.


2) What stores are eligible to earn SB from E-Receipts?


3) How does it work?

  1. Simply forward your online receipt to
  2. Make sure the email you are forwarding from matches your registered Swagbucks email
  3. Within 24 hours you will see the SB credited to your account activity page labeled as “Answer: E-Receipt Submission”. (see image below)
    • NOTE: You will NOT get a confirmation after you forward the email




4) I don’t see any SB and it’s been over 24 hours. Now what?

If you’ve waited 24 hours for your SB to be posted to your account, there may be some common reasons why your receipt was not accepted. These are the most common scenarios: 

  1. Incorrect Email Address: Email receipts must be forwarded from the same email address used to sign up to Swagbucks. This is so that we know which Swagbucks account to credit.
  2. Receipt Limit Exceeded: A maximum of 5 email receipts can be submitted within a 7 day period. 
  3. Incomplete Information: Your receipt must contain the store name, list of products purchased, transaction total and the date of purchase. 
  4. Receipt Too Old: Receipts which have a transaction date older than 10 days will not be accepted.
  5. Duplicate Receipts: If we’ve already seen this receipt, it will be rejected. You can only submit your receipt once. Furthermore, if you attempt to submit a receipt that was uploaded by another Swagbucks user, the receipt will not be accepted.
  6. Not Eligible Merchant: The receipt was not from an eligible online merchant.


5) I have doubled-checked my receipt is valid and still need help:

If after re-forwarding your receipt and still not seeing your SB award being issued, you can submit a customer support ticket for help. Please make sure you submit help inquiries to only the help center link below. Do not send help inquiries to the same email address you used to forward the receipts to.