Magic Receipts Handbook: How To Get Receipts To Work The First Time & What To Do If They Don’t.

“Magic Receipts” is one of the best ways to earn Cash Back quickly; however, making sure your receipt is eligible for the proper credit takes some understanding to reduce frustration. This article will help you:

  1. Understand why “offer details” are important
  2. Take The Perfect Picture of your receipt
  3. Get help if your submission fails
  4. Learn Tips & Tricks to maximize your Cash Back.


1) - Understanding The Offers:

At any given time there are hundreds of items available to purchase for Cash Back. You might not see all of them, because of your location, prior shopping patterns, or simply they are no longer available as items change all the time. Before you run out and buy the item, make sure you fully understand which items are eligible for the offer…



2) - Take The Perfect Picture:

When you submit a picture of your receipt, our robots and elves scan the image to match up thousands of data points from the receipt to analyze which items are eligible for Cash Back. You need to take extra time and line up your receipt to take the perfect picture. I repeat, you need to take the perfect picture or it will not work. Okay, now that you understand how important a good picture is, what makes a perfect picture? Here you go:



B. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.25.41_PM.png

C. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.26.40_PM.png

D. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.27.24_PM.png

E. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.28.20_PM.png

F. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.29.02_PM.png

G. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.29.44_PM.png

H. Screen_Shot_2021-09-02_at_4.30.30_PM.png


3) - Get Help If Your Submission Fails

Nothing is more frustrating than getting an error after you submit your receipt photo. The most common reason for the error is usually your picture taking skills. We will NOT process your receipt if its not perfect (SEE ABOVE). After you are sure you can not take a better picture, follow these steps:


A) Press the "Try Again" button on the error message and please make a better effort when you take the picture. DO no use the same photo again as it will NOT work.


B) If after a second consecutive failed attempt you think there is a problem, you can request a Review of Your Receipt. Click the "Request A Review of My Receipt" at the bottom of the page and then select the items you wish our team to review.


C) When Your receipt is under review, you will receive and email within 10 days as to the outcome of the review. DO not create another support ticket for the same issue as it will delay the review.


D) If you receipt submission was approved, but you feel you were not given the proper amount of Cash Back, it is very likely you had mis-read the offer deatils. However, if you would like to question the credit amount, you can create a support ticket from your Activity Ledger Only by following these steps:

  • Go to the Your Activity Ledger and Find the specific items on your page.
  • If you received some credit, it will be on your POSTED Tab. Find the Specific item and click the help link from it.


  • If you received NO credit, it will be on your VISITED Tab. Find the Specific item and click the help link from it. NOTE: You should choose to review your ticket ( see section B above) if you are inquiring about a rejected receipt submission. Using this help method has a low chance of success.


  • After your receipt is in review, it may take up to 10 days to hear an outcome. Do not submit multiple help tickets about the same issue. Look out for emails and make sure you respond if action is required.

4) - Tips & Tricks To Maximize Cash Back


A) It's all about the photo! Most receipts are too long to fit in 1 photo. Press the + button to add more images of the lower sections of your receipt. Take your time and really focus on snapping a great pic that our system can read easily.



B) Do NOT add extra items to your receipt submission that are not on your receipt.  Adding items Not on your receipt will hurt your chances of success and make use upset ;(



C) Use the iOS Mobile App  or Android App whenever possible (Way Easier!)



D) Favoriting Stores Will Make Finding Eligible Items Easier



E) Share Items Your Friends And Get Cash Back When They Join & Buy The Items