How to access Virtual Mastercard Reward Card compared to Virtual Visa Reward Card

How do I Acces My Virtual Reward Card?

Your Virtual Mastercard will be delivered to you via email. Simply click the link to access your Virtual Mastercard Account, ready for use instantly. Use your account at worldwide merchants where Mastercard debit is accepted online or over the phone. Save your email and click the link again at any time to view your balance, transaction history and access the virtual card details.

We know this experience is a bit different and we're here to help!  Check out the instructions below!

Step-by-Step instructions

When your gift card is ready, be sure to click through the redemption emailScreen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.37.13_AM.png



Click on "View My Gift Card Code" and it will take you the page to login Screen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.37.27_AM.png


Once you're logged in you'll be directed to here Screen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.37.46_AM.png

Be sure to copy the pin before you click on "Claim your card" button!  You'll need it for the next step!


You'll be redirected to MyPrepaidCenter where you will enter your pin codeScreen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.38.10_AM.png


You'll then get prompted to through a quick verification step:Screen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.40.58_AM.png


Once you complete verification, the final step is to register your card: Screen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_9.38.59_AM.png


And that's it! 



To request a physical card, click on the green "View Card Details" button and select "Request plastic card"Screen_Shot_2022-07-28_at_2.02.06_PM.png


All you need to do is fill out the requested information and click "Send my card"




Keep in mind there is a $3 fee deducted from your card balance to convert your virtual card to a plastic card.  Please allow for two to three-week delivery.