Mobile Verification Process

Members may be required to verify their account to gain access to certain features on the site using the Text Verification process.


  • Member must use a mobile phone
  • Member cannot use VOIP, Landline, WIFI line or any other type of number other than that designated for a mobile phone number.
  • Number must be issued by a mobile phone provider  (Sprint, TMobile, Verizon, etc) and a phone number issued by Google Voice, Skype, or over-the counter purchases (Disposible) etc will not be permitted.
  • Phone number and phone account must be your own and not the phone number of another individual.
  • Phone cannot be used to verify more than 1 account in our system.

Exceeded Number of Attempts:

When the allowed number of attempts to enter the code are exceeded a Member must wait 24+ hours to attempt again. 

Phone Verification - Correct Formatting

Please make sure the phone number you are entering includes a 1 before the area code, and that you do not include any parenthesis or dashes.

For example, if your number were 1-234-567-8901, you would enter it as: 12345678901.

Phone Verification - Not Acceptable Phone Number

Unfortunately, if our system is not accepting a phone number, it does mean that phone number cannot be used to verify this account and further assistance would be required.

Phone Verification - Code Not Accepted

Please remember that any code you receive will only be valid for 10 minutes or until a new code is requested.  Please make sure you entered your code within 10 minutes of requesting it (not receiving it) and that you did not request an additional code in the meantime.

Phone Verification - Unable to Resolve Code

Unfortunately, if you are receiving a message that we were not able to verify this account, this would mean that multiple incorrect codes were entered.  Unfortunately, we are not able to assist further with verification for accounts which entered multiple incorrect verification codes.